Like all of our beers, Marooned started out as a home-brew recipe. Like all home-brew recipes, they get tweaked, changed and improved regularly.

Batch #3 of this particular home-brew placed 2nd in the Midland Home Brew Competition this year…but Batch #4 was where we felt happy enough to scale this tasty IPA up from just a few litres at a time to a full 15HL batch.

The beer is on a base of Pale Malt, Red X and Kilbeggan Organic Oats. The oats add a beautiful, silky mouth-feel to the beer and we’re extremely thankful to Pat Lalor and his family at Kilbeggan Organic Oats for supplying the magic ingredient in this beer.

The artwork on the can was all designed in-house and carries a lot of meaning. The pin-drop icon we use dictates our location. Westmeath…in the ‘dead centre’ of the country. The name ‘Marooned’ ties in to our county colours of maroon and white. Also featured in the background of the label are an intricate mesh which are actually deptch lines from the River Shannon.

At 5.5%, Marooned remains session-able and is supplied in 440ml cans through stockists nationwide. Keep an eye out for draft accounts too…what’s rare is wonderful!