Naas Craft Beer Fair with O’Brien’s Wines

February 16, 2018
February 16, 2018 admin

Naas Craft Beer Fair with O’Brien’s Wines

It’s always a pleasure to be asked to beery festivals/events…but I have to say, I’m uber excited about the upcoming Naas Craft Beer Fair which is being organised by Eugene and the guys from O’Brien’s Naas. Not only does the store feature an INSANE section of great craft beer from Ireland and further afield, but when it comes to their craft beer fair, they’ve been going from strength to strength.

This year for the first time, their Beer Fair is jumping out of the store and into McCauley Place in Naas. As they say themselves, their baby is growing up!

What I really like about the Fair is that breweries can only attend on two conditions:

  1. The owner/Head Brewer mans the bar (no brand ambassadors, sales reps, promo staff etc)
  2. The brewery pours at least one brand new beer on the day – either a once off special or the launch of a new beer

We’re not totally sure how to class ours! We’ll be bringing one of our pilot batches, a fresh one called The Oh Nine Oh. We’ll pour it on the day, see what the feedback is like, do some maths and then decide if it’s something that needs scaling up. You’re literally in the drivers seat on that one! Coming in at 6%, it will be tasted for the first time ever outside the brewery at the Naas Craft Beer Fair. It all happens on Saturday, April 7th and for more info keep a close eye on the O’Brien’s Naas Instagram HERE and Twitter HERE.

Looking forward to it!

Naas Craft Beer Fair