We’re playing the long game…

December 18, 2017
December 18, 2017 admin

We’re playing the long game…

First off, it’s been a great week for Dead Centre Brewing. Our dream is, and always has been, to build a brewery in Athlone. Over the last month, that dream has slowly shifted from ‘Dreamland’ to ‘Possibletown’.

Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur

On Thursday, we were in County Buildings in Mullingar for the county finals of Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur. I have to admit, we arrived on the day feeling confident. Our financial projections were solid, our Business Plan was exhaustive and our supporting documents covered every base. Running in the ‘Best Idea’ category though means that the judges could just not rate your idea and not see the potential that lies within in. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. We were announced as the County Winners for the ‘Best Idea’ category and took home a prize of €7,000 along with a place in the regional finals.

Since then, we’ve been busy taking calls from local newspapers as a result of the fantastic photos and press releases that the Local Enterprise Office released about IBYE. With a lot of publications about to run stories about Dead Centre Brewing and our long term plans in Athlone, we wanted to fill you in on where we’re at right now as well as show how we plan to grow the brewery over the coming years.

Where is Dead Centre going?

Into Athlone…right in the heart of the town.

We’ve been busy over the past number of months on several fronts. The most important check-box we wanted to tick was to find and secure a stellar premises for the brew-house we already have. The thinking here was simple, the Business Plan we have built over the last 13 months focuses as much on the tourism potential of the business as it does on the brewing – that means a central location is important. We’ve been to several potential units over the last year, but each unit was just too far from the tourist footfall we will rely upon to make a successful business. That all changed when we found the premises where we will be installing our brewery.

Dead Centre Brewing Company will be seeking planning permission in early 2018 for a brewery and tourist attraction in what was most recently The Ritz Gastro-Pub, right on the banks of the Shannon in Athlone Town. Subject to planning permission, our 9HL copper-clad brew-house will be moved in and commissioned as soon as possible. On-site, Dead Centre will operate a production facility, tourist attraction, tap-room and merchandise store but the building will also play host to several other artisan producers such as jam-makers, coffee roasters and have a full food offering.

All subject to the receipt of planning permission, we will revitalize a sadly under-used property right in the heart of Athlone. Dead Centre Brewing will create sustainable employment in Co. Westmeath and return an industry that has been missing from the county for almost 200 years.

Of course, the capital required to see the plan through is considerable, but I’m happy to say a majority of the investment has now been secured and we’re confident we can secure further investment in early 2018.

We’re thrilled with our progress to date, but are always keen to receive feedback. If you have any questions, please get in touch: liam@deadcentrebrewing.com