May 11, 2018 admin

What’s brewing at Dead Centre?

So you want to know what’s brewing at Dead Centre right now? It’s a good question. Thankfully we have a good answer…lots of cool shit!

Summer is just around the corner and our Spring Seasonal </sourcecode> has had it’s day in the sun, that means it’s on to the next one. Our next limited edition release is a return to hop driven, tongue tingling, 440ml can goodness! On a rock solid base of Pale Malt, Wheat and Oats, we’re dropping a zesty little number for summer. The whirlpool hops (Citra and Amarillo) are added at about the same rate as our core beer, Marooned, but we’ve made the dry hop a touch bigger than Marooned to get maximum citrusy-goodness out of our dry hops (again, Citra and Amarillo).

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats for Seeking Sunshine IPA – a 5% tin full of smiles! It’s coming soon.

On top of that, we’re working on two recipes for both our Autumn and Winter seasonal beers. For us, the most exciting thing about these beers are the fact we’re getting to work with two spectacular producers from Westmeath to highlight what a tidy little county we have when it comes to food and drink. We’re going to keep the details of the beers under wraps for now, but we want to say a huge and heart-felt thank you to Michael in Kilbeggan Handmade Chocolate (Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath) and to Stephen in Bell Lane Coffee (Mullingar, Co. Westmeath) who have been working with us in order to make sure both seasonals are as good as they possibly can be.