Beer by Dead Centre


Dead Centre is not a faceless corporation…milking the beer industry for all it’s worth. Instead, we’re a tight knit crew that relies on friends, family, colleagues and other breweries to create a product that we can truly be proud of.


Fresh, flavoursome and (wherever possibly) local ingredients are what give our beer it’s character. Cutting corners here is not an option at Dead Centre Brewing. We believe you get out what you put in…so only the best goes in.


A hands on approach is how we know we can stand over every drop of beer that leaves the brewery. As attractive as sitting in a control room and pressing a button to let the computer do all the hard work for you is, it’s not how we work.


Cans are the shit. They are light, easily recycled, quick to chill and most importantly protect the beer from both light-strike and oxygen. On top of all that, it means we get to hang with our buddies in Irish Craft Canning.


We have installed our beautiful copper clad brewery in our Brew Pub right on the banks of the River Shannon. Serving a full range of wines, gins, soft drinks teas and coffees…our focus is first and foremost on great quality craft beer from our own brewery as well as local, guest breweries. The brewpub is casual, laid-back and chilled. We have 4 Dead Centre taps constantly pouring as well as 4 guest taps to make sure we always have a wide and interesting range available at the bar.


Welcome to dcKitchen – our on-site pizza kitchen. Ingredients include Caputo 00 flour, San Marzano Tomatoes, cubeti mozzarella and our own house made dough. Dough is made fresh daily and proofed for 48 hours before being hand-stretched and topped with high quality Italian ingredients as well as fantastic local produce including ham from Horan’s Pork Shop, smoked meats from Rogan’s Smokehouse and ‘Nduja sausage from Pigs on the Green.



Liam Tutty_Dead Centre Brewing_Co Westmeath-8515

Liam Tutty


The founder at Dead Centre Brewing and second-in-command beer nerd (behind Roger)!


John Doyle

General Manager

A proper beer nerd (chat to him about Belgian beers), John Doyle is the General Manager in Athlone.


Roger Rotheroe

Head Brewer

The man with the recipes, the know-how and the permanent smile!


Petra Jones

Floor Manager

All these photos here…they’re Petra’s babies! Petra oversees the floor like a boss and rocks a mean Nikon!


Jordan Mulkerrin

Pizza Chef

It’s all about the dough and Jordan’s the man with the magic touch! Thin base, fluffy crust perfection!


Kate Camon

Floor Staff

Always bubbly and happy to help…there’s a good chance Kate’s is the first face you’ll see on a visit to DCB!

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 10.46.48

Amy Deegan

Operations & Administration

When it comes to the paperwork, Amy is on top of it…because someone has to be!